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Inspiring youth. Sharing fresh mountain air and crashing ocean waves. Learning from them as they discover the majesty of our national parks, ask fascinating questions, and share the wonder of finding themselves in such vast landscapes.

Your donations are funding more programs that are inspiring – and being inspired by – youth.

Enhancing youth programs remains a top priority for the years ahead. With your support, more programs are funded to get more young people out into the fresh mountain air. For many, it is their first time into a national park, even though the parks are in their own back yards.

Each project aligns with the General Management Plan of the National Park, and falls into one or more of these four focus areas:

  • Advancing Science and Research
  • Building Volunteerism and Stewardship
  • Improving Visitors’ Experiences
  • Strengthening Youth and Family Programs

Together, we are sustaining programs that cannot be funded through current budgets. Anyone who loves these parks can contribute! Thanks to donors like you, more than $3.7 million has been contributed to the parks during the past seven years.

Funded Youth & Family Projects

Bus Subsidies for Schools

2017 Funding Priority | Amount requested: $10,000 | FUNDED