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Management of volunteers is both an art and a science.

Art: park rangers find meaningful and doable projects that, when accomplished, have a lasting impact. Science: rangers educate, train, and supervise those who sign up; they may not have direct experience.

Ramping up the trails in a park after a long winter is arduous, labor-intensive work. When spread across many interested parties, the load is lightened. This is an example of what your support does for these parks.

With your support, team leaders can be equipped with the knowledge, expertise, training abilities needed as volunteers take on new tasks. We’re funding thousands of volunteers whose kind hearts result in significant savings to the parks, year after year.

Each project aligns with the General Management Plan of the National Park, and falls into one or more of these four focus areas:

  • Advancing Science and Research
  • Improving Visitors’ Experiences
  • Building Volunteerism and Stewardship
  • Strengthening Youth and Family Programs

Together, we are funding programs that cannot be funded through current budgets. Anyone who loves these parks can contribute!

Thanks to donors like you, more than $3.7 million has been contributed to the parks during the past seven years.

Mount Rainier, North Cascades, and Olympic National Parks have active, vibrant volunteer programs, and they are growing. Volunteers help in diverse ways, and donors to the fund help in specific, strategic ways. Learn more about what’s happening in each of the parks:

VOLUNTEERISM IN THE PARKS: Olympic National Park | Mount Rainier National Park | North Cascades National Park

Funded Volunteerism and Stewardship Projects