Night Sky Photo Becomes Forever Postage Stamp Image

Matt Dieterich, WNPF guest blogger, never dreamed that his photo of the night sky over Mount Rainier would become a United States Forever Stamp. "The goal of my photography is to bring attention to the beauty that exists above our heads in the night sky away from these city lights. I want to inspire children and adults to continue the tradition of viewing the stars."

America The Beautiful! Northwest Flower & Garden Show 2016

America The Beautiful

Laurie Ward, Executive Director of WNPF, and Nicky Ducommun, Donor Stewardship Manager, volunteered time at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show in February, helping out in the National Park Service area. The event celebrated America's national parks and landmarks. Top garden creators – who produced 23 full scale themed gardens – embraced the show-wide “America The Beautiful” theme.