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Driven to support Washington’s national parks?

Own a vehicle? You can buy Washington National Parks license plates. Motorcyle? Trailer? Motorhome? Those count, too. More than 5,500 registered national park license plates are on Washington roads, and the number continues to grow every day.

Of your actual cost, $28 comes back to Washington’s National Park Fund. Since its inception, more than $1 million has been raised for the parks through the license plate program. That’s thanks to YOU!

Did you know?

  • $145,000 was given to Mount Rainier, North Cascades, and Olympic National Parks last year through the license plate program
  • The plate is an actual photo of North Cascades National Park taken by the late Lee Mann
  • All funds raised in Washington State stay in Washington State for these parks
  • You can get a tax-deduction for your $28 by contacting the Fund office and making the request
  • Plates may be transferred from vehicle to vehicle as long as the registered owner remains the same

History of the License Plate Program

Back in November 2005, WNPF signed up for the program and held a two-week online auction for the first 25 national park plates. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response, the auction was extended an additional week. Opening bids started at $200 per plate; some went for more than $1,000.

People do love their national parks! We know that many of you still have those same plates today. Send us photos and your stories; we’d love to share them.

Call us to learn more at 206-623-2063 or

visit the Washington State Department of Licensing Site