Man Hiking Mount Rainier
Stephan Matera Blue Mountain OLYM fir trees, summer grasses
Stephan Matera Picket Range NOCA from Luna Peak

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You are strengthening and preserving our parks for all.

WHY THE FUND? Inadequate federal funding has compounded over the years. Our national parks are facing a significant backlog of maintenance projects. You, as a national park visitor, experience the effects first-hand. Some recreational areas are closed because roadways can’t be properly maintained. Areas that are maintained are sometimes opened later in the season. Visitor centers open later and close earlier.

You and other generous donors to the Fund can fill many of these gaps. It’s a significant boost to those loyal, hard-working rangers who do so much with so little.

Over the years, Washington’s National Park Fund and park leadership have developed an efficient system. Park superintendents work with their management teams to identify those projects that would drop by the wayside without philanthropic support. While priorities have evolved over the years, today’s four core areas of concentration center on:



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$28 of your custom National Parks plate goes to the Fund
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View the 2015 Annual Report

Over the past eight years, funds given to Mount Rainier, North Cascades, and Olympic National Parks have exceeded $3 million. There is growing support for the endowments that have been established for each park. More children and families have greater access. Park scientists are preserving and protecting the plants, flowers, and animals that call these parks home. Volunteers are restoring meadows and repairing trails, and search and rescue efforts are greatly enhanced in many ways.

See where resources are critically needed now in Mount Rainier, North Cascades and Olympic National Parks. Consider how you can help, not only with a financial contribution, but also by sharing these needs with others who care.