Favorite memories and thoughts about Mount Rainier, North Cascades, and Olympic National Parks offered by guests at Seattle Met’s GeneroCity event.

At our Spring Dinner and Auction on April 23, 2016, science and research – one of our four core areas of funding – was the focus of the special Fund-A-Need appeal. Thanks to 337 of our closest friends, more than $62,000 was raised for vital projects! In all, more than $250,000 was raised at the event to benefit Mount Rainier, North Cascades, and Olympic National Parks. To learn more about the needs of the parks, please view this video produced by our dear friends at Clatter & Din.

Thanks to all who came, who gave, and who volunteer!

Park champions describe WNPF’s impact.

A LOOK BACK: It was a rainy night in Seattle in 1993. Former Governor and Senator Dan Evans was chatting with legendary mountaineer Lou Whittaker and Microsoft employee Melinda French about the wonders of Washington State’s three largest national parks: Mount Rainier, North Cascades and Olympic National Parks. Together, they knew the parks needed – and most importantly, deservedvolunteer and financial support.

Together, they formed Washington’s National Park Fund. While the organization went by various names during its formative years, its vision remained the same: Bring the thousands of people who care deeply about these iconic public lands together and share the parks’ most pressing issues. That vision holds true today.


Mount Rainier draws more than a million visitors each year, including many climbers. In 2013, a group of five climbers, including Kelly Jackson, headed to the summit via Camp Sherman and the Emmons Glacier. They made it to the summit, but bad weather quickly closed in, trapping them on the mountain for two days. Mount Rainier climbing rangers located the group and, after reaching safety, the group vowed they would give back to the brave souls who saved them. They did, in a very big way.

Kelly, who works for REI, tells the incredible story with help from Lead Climbing Ranger Stefan Lofgren.

With thanks to REI FIlms

Geologist Dr. Jon Riedel eats, sleeps, and breathes glaciers. They are high, hard to reach, and hard to study. Keepers of the Beat follows Jon and his work studying glaciers and climate change at North Cascades National Park.

Executive Producer: Jerry Freilich, NPS
Created by: Silver Fir Media, silverfirmedia.com

Videographer: Dan O’Brien


The culmination of a month spent backpacking through Olympic National Park. We chose Olympic as our first of the More Than Just Parks short films due to its incredible diversity. It is unlike any park on the planet, offering glacial mountain peaks, old-growth rainforests, and over seventy miles of wilderness coast, all within a day’s drive.

WNPF Celebrates Volunteers

Washington’s National Park Fund celebrates volunteers at Mount Rainier, North Cascades, and Olympic National Parks.