2014 | Grant Amount: $20,000

Funding is provided for a crew leader to lead Washington Trails Association (WTA) volunteers in trail maintenance within Mount Rainier National Park. WTA is an essential partner in maintaining more than 280 miles of trail enjoyed each year by hundreds of thousands of visitors to Mount Rainier National Park.

Volunteers are critical to the operation of the park. An incredible amount of important work is accomplished through volunteers that would not otherwise occur, including routine trail maintenance. More meaningfully, volunteerism enables people to become vested in the care of their park and create a rich personal connection to Mount Rainier. When someone has worked on a trail, they own it.

In 2013, 349 WTA volunteers participated in 52 work parties and contributed 4,640 hours of trail maintenance valued at $102,730! Participating groups included two multi-day adult teams and two youth volunteer vacations. WTA takes on the role of organizing, leading and equipping the volunteer work parties; NPS funds the WTA crew leader position and identifies the trail projects. This proposal supports the WTA crew leader position and enables a comparable WTA volunteer program and effort within Mount Rainier National Park in 2015.