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2015 Funding Priority | Amount Needed $24,000 | FUNDED

funded_01 funded 01 e1447882111958This project will fund the District Crew Leader identified in the cooperative agreement between Mount Rainier National Park and Washington Trails Association. The District Crew Leader helps lead volunteer crews that have been recruited through the WTA organization to complete trail maintenance projects. This position has supported the recruitment and work completed of the volunteers of approximately 4,500 hours of trail work. This contribution to the trail program is valued of work completed by four paid trail workers. This agreement helps foster ownership of the trail system by the volunteers and creates a connection between the workers and Mount Rainier National Park.

This program helps us meet the need for providing access into the backcountry. It also creates an avenue for people to engage and contribute to the park. WTA’s efforts in recruitment and trailing have a direct benefit to the park and the trail system. The trails program uses approximately 10,000 hours of volunteer work to help us meet our goals. The Washington Trails Association supplies us with about half of these workers. The network for recruitment and training helps provide us with skilled workers.