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2016 Funding Priority | Amount needed $19,500 funded_01 funded 01| FUNDED

Upgrade and Expand Olympic National Park OnCell Mobile App

This project will provide staffing to update and enhance park information on the OnCell mobile app. It will also underwrite annual service fees for the park’s use of OnCell. The park has used the OnCell service since 2010, attracting hundreds of thousands of users. The application provides a message for each of ten park areas and is promoted throughout the park on bulletin boards, the park website and newspaper. However, the information needs to be updated and staffing is needed to assist in this.

Many park areas do not have year-round visitor centers or ranger stations. Many visitors seek out park information using the internet or appropriate, specific apps. This project addresses the needs of those visitors who use smartphones and other devices as a primary source of information.

The project will enhance visitors’ experiences by providing park orientation, safety information, and interpretation that they may not receive anywhere else during their park visit. The mobile app is available 24/7 and can be accessed from anywhere.