2014 | Grant Amount $50,000

This project restored the Deer Point Obstruction Trail and Madison Falls trails.

The wheelchair-accessible Madison Falls Trail is located just off Olympic Hot Springs Road near the Elwha River. Construction on the Madison Falls trail began in early July of 2014. The project was successfully completed in early August. The project included the repair of a failing rock retaining wall and the repair of the tread along the entire length of the short trail. Areas along the trail were restored with native vegetation. In recent years the asphalt had become cracked and broken and poor drainage made the trail rough going for even the able bodied. The existing tread was removed, the surface re-graded and asphalt paving was applied. The rotting support logs were replaced with a rock wall and 43” of new railing was installed.

At Hurricane Ridge, the Deer Park Obstruction Point trail is one of Olympic National Park’s most popular day hiking destinations and a popular gateway to Badger and Grand Valleys. The trail stretches 7.45 miles east from Obstruction Point to Deer Park, making it the highest elevation stretch of maintained trail in in the park, and a difficult trail to maintain. Volunteers and park staff constructed new trail tread, installed water bars and delineated the old trails. Once the fall rains begin, volunteers will spread seed and revegetate the area with native plants from the park’s greenhouse.

Olympic National Park was able to leverage a modest $10,000 from the park budget, 100 hours of volunteer time and a generous $50,000 grant from the Honeywell Charitable Fund to complete these two desperately needed trail projects. Thousands of visitors now have safe access to two of the park’s most popular areas.