2014 | Grant Amount: $18,300 (year two)

The project funded continued restoration work on the Sahale Arm Trail, a 2.2 mile trail that traverses through high elevation meadows between Cascade Pass and the Sahale Glacier Camp, the highest designated camp in the park at an elevation of 7,686 feet. Easy access (via the Cascade River Road and the Cascade Pass Trail), and stunning views make this the most popular alpine trail in the park.

The trail’s very poor condition contributes to resource damage, threatens visitor safety, and detracts from the visitor’s experience. Slick, gutted, rocky trail poses a threat to hiker safety and may prevent some hikers from venturing higher on Sahale Arm, where the views continue to become more dramatic. Poor trail conditions, braided trails and poor trail tread contribute to increased erosion and damage to native plant communities, which also diminishes the visitor’s experience.