Paradise Trail Mount Rainier photo 1044646103 2fcaad7922 b Paradise Trail Mount Rainier
Photo by Lee Edwin Coursey cc

2014 Grant Amount $20,000

This project funded the Paradise Trails Coordinator at Mount Rainier. The coordinator focuses on keeping the trails marked for travel during the spring melt out and then completing trail maintenance. The coordinator will work weekends Thursday through Sunday, with support from a variety of volunteers, youth corps groups, and available NPS staff who would like to contribute their time in the Paradise area. The trails will be marked with bamboo and rope. The workers will shovel routes through the snow to assist in keeping hikers and climbers on the trails.
The trails in the Paradise area are heavily used by visitors taking advantage of warmer weather and sun shine.The trails go from snow covered to bare tread in a six-week period. The problem is redirecting travel routes through the snow to the trail tread as it melts out. This trail worker marks the the location of the buried trail with bamboo poles, and levels out the snow surface for ease of travel.This is to encourage the use of the new route to keep hikers on the tread when the trail becomes snow free. Once the trails are exposed, poles and ropes will be installed along the trail to to protect fragile vegetation in congested ares where visitors tend to go off trail. The Paradise trail Coordinator will use the volunteer staff to complete routine maintenance and repairs on the trail system. This is in an effort to make the trail the best route to follow through the meadow.