Paradise Trail Mount Rainier photo 1044646103 2fcaad7922 b Paradise Trail Mount Rainier
Photo by Lee Edwin Coursey cc

funded_01 funded 012016 Funding Priority | Amount Needed $20,000 | FUNDED

This project would fund a trails maintenance worker who coordinates the volunteer activities on the trail system at Paradise and Sunrise. Volunteer and youth corps crews identify the trails as they begin to melt out from snow. As the snow melts and the trails become exposed, it is important to clearly mark the trail. This assists in keeping hikers on the trail and helps protect fragile vegetation. After the melt-out period, the crews correct deferred maintenance issues, so the trails provide the best way to pass through the meadows.

This project is important because it engages volunteers and youth corps crews on trail projects and is an efficient use of volunteer labor. Being able to mark trails as they melt out potentially reduces the impact that hikers have on wildflowers in the meadows.

This project improves visitors’ experience by keeping trails in better condition and has a great influence on the volunteer program in the park. In addition to identifying the routes through the snow and completing repairs, the crews are able to explain to visitors the importance of staying on the trails.