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2015 Funding Priority | Amount Needed $17,250

funded_01 funded 01This program will provide funds for a youth intern for six months at North Cascades National Park. The intern will complete subalpine restoration and mitigate human impacts in subalpine habitats at Cascade Pass and the Sahale arm trail reroute. This project will augment existing restoration work and involve the collection of seed and vegetative plant materials on site for propagation of 1,000 plants at the greenhouse. The intern will also work with the trails crew to complete a reroute of the Sahale arm trail while minimizing impacts and salvaging native plants for replanting after construction. Volunteer groups and youth program participants will help carry out the vegetation projects. Staff will assist the intern with plant salvage and storage; teaching techniques for collecting and propagating seed and vegetative plant materials; and teaching plant identification skills.

Cascade Pass trail is an easy day hike with high visitation. At the end of the Cascade Pass trail is a beautiful vista/lunch site that is situated in fragile subalpine heather/huckleberry communities. The trail continues through these communities and through meadows to Sahale Arm. These communities are among the most fragile in the North Cascades and as well as being extremely susceptible to trampling. They are predicted be highly impacted by the effects of climate change.