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funded_01 funded 012016 Funding Priority | Amount needed $3,000 | FUNDED

This program would allow for immediate implementation of innovative ideas brought forward by park staff. Employees who have an innovative idea would apply to the leadership team of Olympic National Park for an innovation grant. Employee requests meeting the innovation grant criteria (small cost, innovative, mission-enhancing) would be awarded funds to implement their idea.

Superintendent Creachbaum is often impressed and excited by the innovative ideas and solutions to problems brought forward by Olympic National Park employees. Sadly, federal appropriations regulations rarely facilitate the implementation of small great ideas (for example, the BARK Ranger program). This grant would allow the leadership team to distribute timely funds for materials or printing costs to implement small but terrific ideas, thus encouraging the type of creative thought that so benefits our parks.

The leadership team would include specific criteria as requests are evaluated to ensure that each small innovation grant falls into at least one, if not several, of WNPF’s focus areas.