2014 | Grant Amount: $10,000

This funding provides transportation scholarships to deliver kids to Mount Rainier’s Outdoor Classroom. With that barrier removed, school groups can come to the park to directly experience the mountain environment, while learning why parks like Mount Rainier are important.

With its close proximity to a large metropolitan area, Mount Rainier is within a short drive (less than 100 miles) to 47 school districts serving approximately 245,000 students. Seattle Public Schools, just slightly farther to the north, serve an additional 45,000 students. Many of these students have never been to a national park before, let alone a wilderness area. Yet, many of these students can see Mount Rainier from their neighborhoods. These urban youth are an audience park staff might not otherwise come in contact with. Through field trips to the park, these students have the opportunity to come to know and value this and other national parks. Having visited once with their school, there is the possibility youth will return with their families.

Funding this project directly benefits at least 500-1,000 K-12 students from schools that do not have the means to visit the park without a bus subsidy.