2015 Funding Priorities | Amount Needed $5,000 | FUNDED

Historic film footage of Olympic National Park was reformatted to current standards in 2003. Changes in technology have rendered VHS tapes obsolete and inaccessible. The park has a combination of VHS, “archived” Beta Max tapes from the 2003 project, and 16mm film received after 2003 that need to be migrated to DVDs for research use. Highest priority film will be selected for processing.

Historic film footage is deteriorating. Preservation in digital format would provide copies for archival preservation as well as future accessibility and use. Migrating preservation copies of historic film to DVDs will make them again available for use.

There is an abiding interest in park history and especially historic images. The park has standing requests for film footage which is no longer maintained in current technology. Researchers, park staff, and the general public will benefit from the availability of historic film footage.