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funded_01 funded 012016 Funding Priority | Amount needed $8,000 | FUNDED

Transportation is the biggest barrier schools face in getting students out on field trips. Funding is requested to provide bus transportation subsidies to school groups so that students can come to the park, directly experience the mountain environment, and learn why parks like Mount Rainier are important.

With its close proximity to a large metropolitan area, Mount Rainier is within a short drive (less than 100 miles) to 47 school districts serving approximately 245,000 students. Seattle Public Schools, just slightly farther to the north, serve an additional 45,000 students.

One of the park’s priorities is to reach out to students from underserved communities. Funding this project will directly benefit at least 500-1,000 K-12 students from schools who would not have the means to visit the park without a subsidy. It is especially important that we foster these connections to the Park, and use Mount Rainier National Park as a classroom and living laboratory for also learning about the planet as a whole. As we become more urbanized and electronically connected, fewer children are spending time in nature. With increased demands on school district budgets, many schools that used to visit Mount Rainier on field trips can no longer afford to do so. If schools can cut transportation costs with a subsidy, they are much more likely to be able to visit Mount Rainier.
This is an ongoing project.