One day’s exposure to mountains is better than cartloads of books. See how willingly Nature poses herself upon photographers’ plates. No earthly chemicals are so sensitive as those of the human soul.

John of the Mountains: The Unpublished Journals of John Muir


It is amazing to see how talented people capture the sights, tranquility, and power of our national parks. We love sharing beautiful images with those who visit, support, and appreciate Mount Rainier, North Cascades, and Olympic National Parks.

We are most grateful to these fine partners for so generously sharing their images and videos with all of us.

C. Jacobson photo John Chao profile
John Chao | © C. Jacobson

John Chao

Because I have a deep love for the natural world, I believe in the legacy mission of the National Park Service. WNPF’s unique support enables programs and science that would otherwise not happen in Washington’s National Parks. I’m always thankful if my photography can contribute to their efforts.

John is a nature, travel & environmental photographer living in the Seattle, Washington area. His energies are devoted to National Parks, travel scenics, mountain aerials, winter views, wilderness areas and photojournalism for environmental causes. His work has been recognized in juried exhibitions and has been widely published. He is a Volunteer Photographer for the National Park Service’s Office of Communications and has been on the Advisory Board for the Photography Program at Bellevue College, Bellevue, WA.

Scott-Eklund-Mug Scott Eklund Mug

Scott Eklund | Red Box Pictures

I grew up looking out my bedroom window at Mount Rainier and I feel that the National Parks in Washington epitomize what is so great about our state! Those who protect and educate on behalf of the parks are special people! And any small part that I can play to help them, is the least I can do.

From the window of their studio, the four photographers who run Red Box Pictures can see the hulking Seattle Post-Intelligencer globe. It’s more than just a Seattle landmark to them. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer published its last edition on March 17, 2009. Less than two weeks later, on March 26, 2009, four photojournalists who had lost their jobs when the newspaper closed formed Red Box Pictures. The Red Box Pictures company name comes from the P-I’s red newspaper vending boxes that once dotted the state. The four founders, Dan DeLong, Scott Eklund, Andy Rogers and Rob Sumner, decided to start the company to keep alive the spirit of creativity and collaboration that was fostered in the newsroom environment.

See more work at the Red Box Pictures website

Mattera headshot from Jeff Greenough Mattera headshot from Jeff Greenough

Stephen Matera

We are lucky to have three amazing national parks in Washington, all three of which are largely protected as wilderness. To me, our backyard wilderness areas aren’t just a place to go to take photos, but they are also my escape to refresh my spirit. I am rarely as happy and content as when I am in the wilderness, fully immersed in that moment. We need these wild places to feed our spirits and stay connected to who we are.

Combining a passion for all things outdoors with a unique creative eye, Stephen creates images for the world’s leading magazines and outdoor gear manufacturers. He developed his vision as a natural landscape photographer, and now applies that creative vision to active outdoor and lifestyle images. Stephen spends a large part of his time capturing the beauty of Washington’s largest National Parks, which renew his creativity and passion for photography every time he visits them. See more of his work at his website

Steve Olson at PinnaclePeak_SNO031 Steve Olson at PinnaclePeak SNO031

Steve Olson

I enjoy being outdoors, experiencing the wonders of nature. I see it as our job to be stewards of the land, to preserve its beauty for future generations. If one of my shots can aid the national parks in its mission of preserving natural and cultural resources, then I consider my time well spent.

Steve Olson works in the information technology industry. Photography serves as a creative outlet for him. Steve’s interests in photography have transitioned from abstracts to landscapes. John Chao introduced Steve to the idea of volunteering for the national parks.

Andy at Clear lake Andy at Clear lake

Andy Porter

I have always felt that a great part of taking beautiful pictures is going to cool places! The planning, the trip itself, being there in the outdoors, that’s the best part. Being able to capture some part of the look and feel of the place is an extra bonus. It helps to keep the memory alive and makes it possible to communicate some small part of what it was like to others.

Growing up in the Northeast, Andy Porter felt a subtle, nagging force pulling him westward. He knew that his future was somewhere on the Pacific coast. After many hiking and backpacking trips in the West, he finally decided to settle down in the Seattle area in 1980. Photography has always been bound with outdoor adventure for Andy. He never had an interest in taking pictures until he started to go backpacking. Andy now lives in the Skagit Valley. See more of his work at

Art Wolfe at Sol Duc Art Wolfe 220 20120818 Sul Duc
Art Wolfe at Sol Duc

Art Wolfe

As a native son of Seattle, Washington’s national parks were critical in shaping my career path in conservation and photography. As a young adult I learned to climb in the North Cascades, and now I love sharing Mount Rainier and Olympic National Park with people from around the world. These are our crown jewels that need to be protected and enjoyed by generations to come.

Over the course of his 40-year career, photographer Art Wolfe has worked on every continent and in hundreds of locations. Wolfe’s photographs are recognized throughout the world for their mastery of color, composition and perspective. Wolfe’s photographic mission is multi-faceted: art, wildlife advocacy, education, and journalism inform his work. Along with his numerous book and television awards, Wolfe is the proud recipient of the Nature’s Best Photographer of the Year Award, the North American Nature Photography Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award and the Photographic Society of America’s Progress Medal. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, and a Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers. Wolfe maintains his offices, stock agency, and production company in Seattle, Washington. His fine art work is available online at and through the Rotella Galleries, located in Las Vegas and New York City.


Video tells the stories of the parks and their people with emotion, injecting a very human element into the history, current challenges and victories, and future of these lands. The Fund is fortunate to work with skilled professionals who have generously supported our efforts to tell and share the important stories that help us connect, learn about, and support the parks.


In a world filled with immediate, urgent needs, it is worth pausing to think about the future. I believe that if one wants to make a truly lasting difference for future generations, you can’t do much better than working to preserve and protect our remaining natural places. That is why the work of Washington’s National Park Fund is so important, especially in this amazing part of the world that I call home.

Vince Werner is a founding partner of Clatter&Din, Inc., a leading Seattle area audio/video production studio. A native of the Northwest, he grew up with Mount Rainier looming outside his bedroom window. “I even went to The EVERGREEN State College, for Pete’s sake.” Special thanks to Vince, Rachel, Scott and the gang at Clatter&Din for the in-kind contribution of this award-winning video highlighting the national parks’ perspectives on the difference your gifts make.

Another great video to watch is WNPF Celebrates volunteers at Mount Rainier, North Cascades and Olympic National parks.

Clatter and Din

Hemlock Productions

I owe much of my happiness and certainly a huge chunk of my creative energy to nature, and I want to pass on as much of that as I can to my kids. Working with Washington’s National Park Fund is a small yet meaningful way to help preserve protected natural areas for future generations.

Raised in the Canadian Rockies, schooled in the fast-paced production world of Washington, DC, and now raising a family in the great northwest, Nils Cowan has strived to make a career out of his two greatest passions: filmmaking and the outdoors. A producer, writer and shooter with over 15 years’ experience, Nils has created unique productions for the National Park Service, National Geographic Channel, The Environmental Protection Agency, PBS, The US Fish and Wildlife Service, The Smithsonian Institution, Red Bull Media, Visit Rainier, and many other broadcasters, museums and tourism bureaus in local, national and international markets. When not stressing over scripts and rough cuts, Nils can usually be found walking the trails of the northwest with his wife and two kids. His work can be seen at In partnership with Clatter&Din, Hemlock Production’s Nils Cowan led the way on our “Peeps in the Parks” video.

NilsRemyRainier NilsRemyRainier
Nils and son at Mount Rainier

REI Films

REI did a beautiful job producing a video of how a special group of climbers was inspired to give back. One of those climbers, Kelly, went on to pay it forward as an expression of his gratitude to Search and Rescue rangers and volunteers.

As a result of this rescue, REI and its employees are now active and passionate supporters of Washington State’s National Parks. They participate in fundraising climbs for Washington’s National Park Fund, and new this year, will form teams who give back through their participation in RAMROD. Equally important, they’re establishing an active volunteer and stewardship project at Mount Rainier for the summer of 2015. Learn more and give back.

Three Moon Bay, L.L.C.

Few organizations understand the mission and support the National Parks as humbly and passionately as Washington’s National Park Fund. That is why it has been an honor to collaborate and produce video projects that both engage and delight viewers and support the mission of the parks and the fund.

Ed Shoemaker is a Seattle native who has has worked with organizations such as the National Park Service, The Student Conservation Association and Washington’s National Park Fund on various projects supporting the mission of the National Park Service. Starting his career as a police officer, Ed moved on to managing an IT engineering data center at a Fortune 100 computer company, then changed career focus to begin developing sales engagement programs targeted at the senior elite of the Fortune 50 customers of EMC, IBM and Microsoft. He managed hundreds of these engagements before leaving the corporate world for filmmaking.

Ed’s love for the parks has roots in his youth. While he was growing up, both state and national park campsites were like his “second bedroom” during the summer months. He worked as a seasonal employee of Washington’s State Parks during his summers. While currently focused on color correcting and grading film at his company, Three Moon Bay L.L.C., he will always take time to help produce video and film projects that support both state and national parks.

Ed was the driving force behind this production and its message regarding the important role trails in the parks play.

TMB-Edward_Shoemaker-Headshot_V1 TMB Edward Shoemaker Headshot V1
Ed on the trails at Mount Rainier