Washington’s National Park Fund Board of Directors and staff — in close partnership with Park Superintendents and rangers — work collectively, work hard, and are committed to advancing projects that benefit Mount Rainier, North Cascades, and Olympic National Parks. All board members volunteer and give generously of their time, talents and treasures.

As more people discover Washington’s National Park Fund, support grows on all levels. We are most grateful as this larger community continually bands together. Together, we’re making a difference for our national parks. Join us.

eannette Privat and Herb Bridge, Mount Rainier National Park gates.  Fee Free day. Herb and Jeannette ready to go 041914c
Jeannette Privat and Herb Bridge, Mount Rainier National Park gates. Fee Free day.

Christine Yarrow

Board Member

Herb Bridge

Board Member

Sarah Creachbaum

Board Advisor | Superintendent, Olympic National Park

Nicky Ducommun

Donor Stewardship Manager

Jim Gilchrist

Board Member

Linda D. Glein

Board Member

Jeremy Gordon

Board Member

Fred Hammerquist

Board of Directors

Larry Hueth

Board Member

Kelly Jackson

Board Member

Randy King

Board Advisor | Superintendent, Mount Rainier National Park

Amber Nelson

Office and Database Manager

John Newhoff

Board Member

Sage Newman

Board Member

Richard Page

Board Member | Board Vice President

Bruce W. Pflaum

Board Member

Jeannette Privat

Board Member | Board Secretary

Pam Reynolds

Board Member

Kelly Sanderbeck

Donor Development Manager

Jay A. Satz

Board Member

Ashley Stokes

Community Engagement Manager

Karen Taylor-Goodrich

Board Advisor | Superintendent, North Cascades National Park

Dana Visser

Board Member | Board President

Denise Wulfekuhle

Board Member

Laurie Ward

Executive Director

Mona West

Board Member

Bret Wirta

Board Member