Washington’s National Park Fund works with companies of all sizes and in all sectors to support the needs of our state’s three largest national parks.

You can be involved in this work in a way that fits best with your work. Employee volunteer work parties, auction donations, matching gift campaigns, in-kind donations, and, of course, financial contributions are all encouraged and needed! The following are perfect examples of how companies are stepping up and giving back.

Individuals also give in-kind contributions that benefit the parks. Interested in learning more? Contact the Fund.

2013 NOCA Staff -- OR jackets 2013 NOCA Staff OR jackets


Local outdoor industry leader and philanthropic friend to the parks, Outdoor Research, has donated gear to the parks. The gear must stand the test of the elements park rangers face. Outdoor Research’s jackets do just that. OR recently donated the shells shown in the photo above that North Cascades National Park rangers wear throughout the long winter months. OR also donated gators and gloves that are standing the test of time.

Interested in giving back to the parks? Do you have gear – possibly last year’s goods – that you’d like them to have? These folks deserve it, as they continue to do more with less these days.

Please note: Donated gear must 1) be unused; 2) meet with park approval; and 3) not be given expecting endorsements in return. While Washington’s National Park Fund will gladly thank you in public arenas, the parks cannot.

For more information, contact Laurie Ward at Washington’s National Park Fund

2013 SBux Group Hamming Cropped e1423933638102


Starbucks Coffee…a worldwide phenomenon. But right here in the Pacific Northwest, those who are a part of the iconic powerhouse love the fact that they have access to Mount Rainier, North Cascades, and Olympic National Parks in their back yards. They show their love by giving their time, talents and treasures each summer to Mount Rainier National Park. Led by Stacey and Lesley, they spend a weekend each summer working the trails, planting seedlings, and clearing out brush after storms have passed through. These 24 hardworking parks people go home at the end of the weekend basking in the glow of knowing they’ve done their part, sore muscles and all.

But it doesn’t stop there. They submit their hours to Starbucks, who kindly gives Washington’s National Park Fund a gift in honor of those hours.

Starbucks – with the backing of Stacey, Lesley and company – pays it forward in more ways then one. THANK YOU!!

To do your part, check in with Laurie Ward at Washington’s National Park Fund. If park projects are available, we’ll link you and your company up and help you get started.

haggen haggen


In a very generous show of support for our national parks, West Coast regional grocer Haggen is donating $33,690 to Washington’s National Park Fund.

Haggen dedicated 2% of sales on Earth Day from the company’s Washington and Oregon stores, and asked its Facebook followers to vote for their favorite national park between Earth Day on April 22 and April 28. The 1,192 votes determined what percentage of the funds would be donated to each park. The votes have been tallied:

  • Olympic National Park received 31% of the votes and $12,433
  • Rainier National Park received 27% of the votes and $10,829
  • North Cascades National Park received 26% of the votes and $10,428
  • Crater Lake National Park received 16% of the votes and $6,417

Thank you Haggen for this very creative campaign and incredible support for our parks!

subaru-share-the-love-17223 subaru share the love 17223


On March 20th, the generous community at Subaru of Puyallup presented the Fund with a check for $17,223 to benefit Mount Rainier, North Cascades, and Olympic National Parks!

The Fund was very fortunate to be selected as the beneficiary of this Share the Love Event. Through customer purchases and subsequent donations, $17,223 were donated to WNPF. The Subaru Love Promise is a promise to do right by the community by partnering with nonprofit education, health, community, environment, and animal organizations – to set Subaru apart through our deeds and the deeds of our partners.

This donation to WNPF will help to fund and maintain recreational areas including roads, trails, and parks, as well as improving the visitor experience.Together we are strengthening and improving our parks for all!

Thank you Subaru of Puyallup for Sharing the Love!

For more information, contact Laurie Ward at Washington’s National Park Fund


Mount Rainier draws more than a million visitors each year, including many climbers. In 2013, a group of five climbers, including Kelly Jackson, headed to the summit via Camp Sherman and the Emmons Glacier. They made it to the summit, but bad weather quickly closed in, trapping them on the mountain for two days. Mount Rainier climbing rangers located the group and, after reaching safety, the group vowed they would give back to the brave souls who saved them. They did, in a very big way.

Kelly, who works for REI, tells the incredible story with help from Lead Climbing Ranger Stefan Lofgren.

With thanks to REI FIlms

Co-chairs Dana Visser and Pam Reynolds at the 2014 Spring Dinner and Auction. Photo © Scott Eklund Dana and Pam
Co-chairs Dana Visser and Pam Reynolds at the 2014 Spring Dinner and Auction. Photo © Scott Eklund

The talented and generous BES Staff. BES staff
The talented and generous BES Staff.


Pam Reynolds is the owner of BES Events, an integrated event marketing agency. When she read about WNPF in Seattle Met magazine, she was inspired to make a financial contribution. After connecting personally with the Fund, she began consulting on the annual Spring Dinner and Auction.

Pam’s now a board member and co-chairs the Events Committee. With each event, she brings highly skilled professionals to the production floor, all of whom provide their expertise on a volunteer basis because they, too, love our national parks. That plus they believe in Pam.

We all do. Pam’s leadership has improved all of WNPF’s fundraising events; in particular, her partnership with local vendors — along with the amazing skills of Co-Chair Dana Visser — has allowed the Spring Dinner and Auction to more than triple in revenue!

Seattle-Metr Seattle Metr


In 2011, Seattle Met magazine featured Olympic National Park (see photo) in its August issue. Publishers went on to feature Mount Rainier National Park in 2012, and North Cascades National Park in 2013. In 2014, they featured the San Juan Islands National Historic Park.

The magazines were top sellers and flew off the racks in area locations likely due in part to their fabulous cover photo selections. That plus the contents staff writers compiled was insightful, up-to-date, and most helpful to all who purchased them.

A portion of the sales of these magazines comes back to the parks through WNPF each year. To date, Seattle Met has generously donated more than $30,000 through these sales. We salute you, Seattle Met! Thanks Nicole, Libby and the rest of the gang at their downtown digs. Our parks are most grateful.

For more information, contact Laurie Ward at Washington’s National Park Fund

How would you like to get involved?

Contact Laurie Ward, Executive Director, at laurie@wnpf.org or 206-623-2063.