Park Person of Interest: Jared Infanger

by Judy Wagonfeld, Volunteer and Friend of the Fund   “All of us have a place in history.

Trailblazers: Russ and Janice Ashleman

by Kelly Sanderbeck, Donor Engagement Manager   Every Friday during the summer and fall, you can find Russ and Janice Ashleman heading to Sunrise at Mount Rainier for their weekly stint as volunteer Meadow Rovers.

You give more to your parks EACH AND EVERY YEAR!

by Kelly Sanderbeck, Donor Engagement Manager   It happens with you, because of you, and for YOU… And this is how it works: Every year, we ask superintendents to submit proposals to us and rank projects that have no other funding.

An Advanced Case of Wanderlust: Hiking is Personal

by Melissa Knapp, Hiker and Friend of the Fund

Holiday Gift Guide: Give a Gift to Support Your Parks

By Kelly Sanderbeck, Donor Development Manager Socks, gift cards, chocolate? As we each try to find that PERFECT gift for our special people this season, please give a thought to our parks.

Parks Project, LLC: Leave it Better than You Found It

Through our volunteer work we realized that there was an entire generation missing out on the opportunity to help conserve these spaces. They just needed to be engaged in the right way. Enter Parks Project!

Spooky Stories in our National Parks

The well house. We are not superstitious, but when we get close to this building it makes us feel a cold chill up the spine.

It’s a “Complex” Complex: Karen Taylor-Goodrich, Superintendent of North Cascades National Park

Like a chef measuring ingredients, Taylor-Goodrich focuses on balancing such delicate ecologies. The recipe for wilderness survival requires a full stock of natural components.

What’s YOUR Experience?

As soon as I saw Mount Rainier in the distance, I was smitten. I hiked around that iconic mountain and was mesmerized by the alpine and sub-alpine ecosystems. I spent a couple of days in the mysterious Cascades, camping and hiking near Mount Baker and whitewater rafting her glacial waters and my adoration grew.

Backpacking Hoh River Trail to Blue Glacier

The Hoh Rainforest, if you've never seen it, is definitely majestic. The trees kind of hover, old growth, covered with moss and mushrooms. The understory is lush. The air heavy with humidity. And the river, beside it all, this beautiful grey-blue. It's the kind of hike where you just find yourself saying Wow a whole bunch.

Dodger Point Lookout – COMPLETED!

Last year’s Fund-A-Need at our annual Spring Dinner & Auction focused on Preservation with a Purpose, raising funds for the renovation of historic structures in our three parks. What follows is a success story! Last year, WNPF raised funds to complete the Dodger Point Lookout restoration as well as the Long Ridge Trail leading up to it.

Speak up for YOUR park!

By Kelly Sanderbeck, Donor Development Manager   Do you know how Washington’s National Park Fund works? In a nutshell, we are the official philanthropic partner of Mount Rainier, North Cascades and Olympic National Parks.


Driftwood Travelogue: A mix of geography, mythology, song, idiom, photos, whimsy and anecdote by Laurie Klein.

Backpacking the Beaver Creek Loop

By Kelly Sanderbeck, Donor Development Manager

Wildflowers at Paradise

By Richard Page, Vice President of the Board

A Perfect Outdoor Adventure

Hiking Thunder Creek with Ranger Andy and Brimmer and Heeltap By Alinda Page What a beautiful setting for a great hike, and a delicious meal! That was the consensus of the six of us who purchased the WNPF auction item to “Hike Thunder Creek Trail in the North Cascades, followed by Gourmet Lunch from Brimmer and Heeltap at Colonial Creek Campground.

The Fishers are Coming! The Fishers are Coming!

by Kelly Sanderbeck, Donor Development Manager     They are VERY cute, and you may be tempted to pet them, but do not give in to this impulse! A member of the weasel family and about the size of a house cat, fishers became extinct in Washington state by the mid-1900s.

Volunteers Make the Parks Go Round!

by Kelly Sanderbeck, Donor Development Manager "They streamed into the beautiful Mountaineers building in downtown Tacoma a few weeks ago, some proudly wearing their volunteer uniforms and some wearing interested expressions of curiosity."

Olympic National Park Volunteer Wins National Award

By day, John P. Goar teaches freshman science and runs the astronomy club at North Kitsap High School.