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Tom Fitzsimmons

Board Secretary, Executive Committee
Chief Operating Officer, Lorig Associates, LLC
Seattle, WA

Tom Fitzsimmons has been a member of Washington's National Park Fund's Board of Directors for more than four years, and currently serves as the board secretary. Tom became a member of the board so he could ensure others will be able to experience the gifts the parks have given to him.

Tom's first memory of the parks is from a very young age when his father took the family on an outing to Mount Rainier. He said, "The parks are unique and special places that allow visitors to connect with the natural world as a means of gaining perspective and wonder." More recently, Tom experienced Mount Rainier National Park by snowshoeing up to Panorama Point.

Although many of Tom's memories of the parks are of Mount Rainier, he often takes visitors to the Olympic Peninsula to experience the wide range of scenery Olympic National Park has to offer.