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Pam Reynolds

Owner, BES Events
Seattle, WA

Solutions oriented. Attention to detail. Efficient. Effective. All words used by many to describe Pam's work ethic. Beyond that, she's passionate about our national parks, a complete JOY to be around, and absolutely knows how to get big projects DONE!

Pam's the brains behind the success of Washington's National Park Fund's Spring Dinner and Auction. She's volunteered massive amounts of time and talent to make the event into what it is today. And each year, she brings other equally skilled professionals to the production floor, all of whom provide their expertise because 1) they too love our national parks, and 2) they believe in Pam and know that things will be done and done right.

Pam is proud to say that she is a native Washingtonian. With her family, she grew up around the national parks camping, hiking the trails and breathing in the fresh mountain air. She continues to visit the national parks as often as she can today and dreams of one day volunteering to serve as a Meadow Rover up at Mount Rainier National Park. Visitors will be the lucky ones when they cross Pam's path.

And did someone mention wines? Without question, Pam has one of the PRETTIEST wine cellars in the area.

We're so fortunate that when asked, Pam gave the Fund a resounding YES to a seat on the Board of Directors. Thanks for ALL you do for Washington's National Park Fund, Pam!

Pam Reynolds