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Linda Glein

Community Volunteer
Gig Harbor, WA

Linda Glein has been a member of Washington's National Park Fund's Board of Directors for over three years, after a lifetime of being a frequent park user. She joined the board because of her desire to preserve Washington's three beautiful parks, not only for ourselves, but for generations to come.

Linda's first experience with the parks came at a very young age, during a family outing to Mount Rainier National Park. Being from Nebraska, her family had no idea how large the park was, stopping just inside the Nisqually entrance for a picnic. She remembers her parents almost turning around and driving home, but then deciding to keep going, discovering Longmire, and cementing a life-long love for the parks.

Moving from Nebraska at a young age, Linda has many fond memories of trips to White River campground in Mount Rainier, and Kalaloch, Lake Crescent, Hoh River Rainforest and Deer Park in Olympic National Park. "The streams, craggy spires and moss-coated trees became both church and playground. My family bonded as we shared in these experiences," said Linda.

Now a resident of Gig Harbor, Linda takes visiting friends to Sunrise in Mount Rainier National Park, and Kalaloch in Olympic National Park. She added, "I get them to walk at least ten minutes out of the parking lot, farther if they can handle it. That is all it takes to feel the difference."


Linda Glein