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John Newhoff

Senior Partner, Portage Bay Solutions, Inc.
Lynnwood, WA

John Newhoff moved from California to Bellevue, WA, when he was thirteen as an experienced camper of the upper Sacramento River area. After his family moved to Bellevue, they spent their weekends on trips through Mount Rainier, North Cascades and Olympic National Parks, cementing a life-long love to be a steward of the earth. 

John believes our national parks are important because, "...we are meant to be stewards of the earth, not mindless exploiters of its resources. The national parks are one of the best examples of America's attempt at this kind of stewardship." His motivation to join the board of directors of Washington's National Park Fund was fueled by the desire to do more for the parks than simply donate. 

Recently he enjoyed "one of the best backpacking trips I've been on in a long time" throughout Mount Rainier National Park. 

"The flowers were at their peak and, surprisingly, there were no bugs. We had perfect weather, saw several mountain goats, and a large herd of elk cooling themselves on a snow field. A hard trip to beat."

When friends and family come to visit, time permitting, John loves to head up to Stehekin in North Cascades National Park. His favorite parts of the trip inclue the ranger-lead walks through the Buckner Homestead, the amazing hiking opportunities, and the delicious bakery. He's been able to experience both the Lady of the Lake boat trip, as well as the float planes as a means to get to Stehekin.

John Newhoff