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Donovan Rafferty

Board President, Executive Committee
Atmospheric Scientist/Air Quality Monitoring, Washington Department of Ecology
Olympia, WA

Donovan Rafferty has been on the Board of Directors for Washington's National Park Fund since 2008 and began his term as Board President in spring of 2012. He believes the national parks are important and need our financial suppport in order to complete important projects, which is why he became a member of the board. Donovan was a seasonal ranger at Olympic National Park in high school, and the park has continued to play a huge part in his life, including his present job with the Washington State Department of Ecology.

His first experience in nature was a trip to Lake Ozette and Cape Alava in Olympic National Park. The trip was during the excavation of a Makah Village, and he was able to see inside the test trenches that had been dug. "I remember seeing whale vertebrae and other artifacts. I will never forget that moment," said Donovan.

Recently, Donovan made another trip (of many) back to Lake Ozette, to learn more about the history of the region. There, he met an author who explained how the Ozette area is a "thin place." Not knowing what the term meant, Donovan asked the man, to which he received the reply, "A thin place in where the boundary between heaven and earth is especially thin." Since that experience, Donovan has often used the expression to describe the national parks.

Although he has favorite places in other parks, Donovan often takes visiting friends to Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park to experience the beautiful views of water, mountains and sky.

Donovan Rafferty

Donovan Rafferty at the Enchanted Valley Chalet,
Olympic National Park