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Cleve Pinnix

Cleve and Marty PinnixCleve Pinnix was raised in Asheville, North Carolina and grew up backpacking in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Throughout his life he's worked in, and for, many national and state parks all over the country including Blue Ridge Parkway National Park, Statue of Liberty National Monument, Mammoth Cave National Park, as well as Mount Rainier National Park. Because of his years working in these unique areas, Cleve knows the parks are places of great inspiration and joy for people. 

For this reason, Cleve knew it was important to become a part of Washington's National Park Fund's Board of Directors. "If our society protects and cherishes these special places, they in turn will nourish our culture," Cleve said. After Cleve retired in 2002, he knew his retirement would give him the extra time to spend on things he cares about, like our national parks. 

From 1974 to 1981, Cleve served as staff to the House of Representatives Subcommittee on National Parks and Recreation. In late 1981, Cleve's family moved to Olympia, WA and he served as management of the Washington State Department of Natural Resources. In 1988, he became the Deputy Director of Washington State Parks. In 1991, he became the Washington State Parks Director and remained so until his retirement in 2002. Cleve spent his career protecting Washington's beautiful natural resources; he continues to work on their behalf in his retirement.

Cleve has a special place in his heart for Mount Rainier National Park, having worked there from 1966-1970. In 2011 he hiked the complete Wonderland Trail during an eleven day trip with friends. Some of his other favorite Mount Rainier activities include cross-country skiing, snowshoeing at Paradise, hiking Third Burroughs, exploring the forest in the Carbon River Valley, or rambling along the Pacific Crest Trail. 

Photo to the right is of Cleve and his wife Marty at Paradise.