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Carolyn Dobbs Environmental Science Grant


Dear Carolyn Dobbs passed away on Monday, February 3, 2014. 

For those wishing to give in her memory, please go here. When given the opportunity to dedicate your gift, note "in memory of Carolyn."  All donations will be added to the Carolyn Dobbs Environmental Science Grant that is outlined below, and her beloved family will be kept closely informed.  (You may also choose to mail a gift in; our address appears at the bottom of our home page.)
Summer of 2013

First Carolyn Dobbs Environmental Science Grant was awarded to Jocelyn Akins in support of her research of the Cascade Red Fox.  
The science brief is here.

Thursday, April 26, 2012
Carolyn Dobbs Environmental Science Grant Announced

Carolyn Dobbs

At its annual meeting on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 Washington’s National Park Fund’s Board of Directors and Advisors finalized plans for the awarding of a new grant: The Carolyn Dobbs Environmental Science Grant.


Carolyn Dobbs was a member of Washington’s National Park Fund’s Board of Directors from 2004 -- 2013.  She became a member of the board to help expand public awareness and support for our state’s national parks.  Carolyn has a deep-seeded love for the protection of our natural environment and has dedicated her life to its preservation.

Over the past thirty years, Carolyn’s civic involvement has focused on the preservation of natural resource areas.  Her scholarship and research on protected natural areas and habitat protection for bears and wolverines led her to being on the Board of Directors of Vital Ground (a natural land trust protecting critical habitat for grizzly bears), Washington’s National Park Fund and a governor appointment to the Washington State Forest Practices Board. 

It is through Carolyn’s love for Washington, our national parks and the environment that Washington’s National Park Fund is happy to announce the establishment of the “Carolyn Dobbs Environmental Science Grant.”  The grant will be given, each year, to a science project within Mount Rainier, North Cascades or Olympic National Parks.  Members of WNPF's Board of Directors and Advisors are continually inspired by Carolyn’s unyielding love for our natural spaces and find it fitting to carry on her name, on a yearly basis, with programs and projects in our parks that support the search for knowledge the parks need to protect their natural resources and beauty.