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Youth Programs

Washington's National Park Fund is actively seeking charitable contributions to make projects in this area possible:

Expanding youth and family programs by making it possible for youth and families of all backgrounds to come to the parks, and learn to care for and protect the park resources, making them the next generation of stewards.

Examples of Youth Programs projects funded in the parks are:

Mount Rainier National Park: 2011 - Camping Adventures with My Parents (CAMP)
CAMP encourages families from Seattle/Tacoma who have never camped before to experience Mount Rainier for a weekend of fun and educational activities. Equipment, transportation, food and instruction are all provided free of charge. Following two successful years, the 2011 program served 150 campers to enhance their connections to nature and each other.

North Cascades National Park: 2011 - Engaging Urban Youth as Trail Stewards
North Cascades trails staff provided supervision, training, and mentoring for organized groups bringing urban youth to the park, including Boy Scouts, Urban Wild, Passages Northwest, and the YMCA. At least 100 youth (ages 11-16) participated in stewardship projects in the backcountry during the summer of 2011.

Olympic National Park: 2011 - Engage Diverse Audiences in Elwha River Restoration
To celebrate the beginning of dam removal, Olympic National Park worked with a number of partners to plan, organize and present a special kick-off event on the weekend of September 16-18, 2011. This event reached out to youth, families, and individuals throughout the Olympic Peninsula and Western Washington to promote education about this historical event.

Opportunities for Youth Program Support

Mount Rainier National Park

Connecting Kids to Parks
Paradise Trail Crew
WCC Historic Preservation Crew
Engaging Underserved Youth
Plan and Produce Digital Audio Tour for Ohanapecosh Hot Springs Trail
Historic Architecture intern
GIS interns to Document Paradise Meadow Damage
Communicating Climate Change to Rainier Visitors and Students

For more information on these projects, click here.


North Cascades National Park

14 Days of Bio Bliss
Produce a Guide to Alpine and Subalpine Wildflowers
Provide Youth with Opportunities for Leadership
Construct ADA Accessible Campsites at Rainbow Falls
Monitor Water Quality and Ecological Integrity of Ross Lake
Transport Youth to the Park
Develop Community Through WiFi
Renovate Youth Program Storage Facility

For more information on these projects, click here.



Olympic National Park

Olympic Marmot Citizen Science Monitoring
Project Pathways to Employment for Diverse Youth
Adopt-a-Fish: Radio-tracking the Return of Pacific Salmon to the Elwha River in Olympic National Park

For more information on these projects, click here.