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Enhance Volunteer Program

The Volunteer Program at Mount Rainier National Park will receive funding to enhance their volunteer program through the year 2015, to coordinate and lead groups of volunteers to support key operations throughout the park, such as trails, vegetation and citizen science. Volunteers are essential to park operations and services at Mount Rainier, as well as in other parks. 

In Mount Rainier National Park, about 2,000 volunteers will contribute 80,000 hours of volunteer time, totaling over $1,600,000. Already having a nationally recognized volunteer program, this enhancement will set a precedence for parks all over to country to duplicate.

This project has been made possible by the Eleanor Wilson Charitable Trust.

Visit our website often for updates on this project.

More information on how you can volunteer within Mount Rainier National Park can be found here.

Mount Rainier Volunteers
NPS Photo by Kevin Bacher.