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CAMP: Camping Adventure with My Parents

Camping Adventure with My Parents (CAMP) at Mount Rainier allowed families who had never been camping before to participate in a two-night camping trip to the national park. The program received grants since inception of the program from Washington's National Park Fund through the McKibben-Merner Family Foundation.

Mount Rainier National Park recruited families for this opportunity through partnerships with Student Conservation Association, Seattle Parks and Recreation, and Tacoma Metro Parks. The families learned the basics of setting up a campsite, went on ranger-led hikes, and at night sat around the campfire roasting marshmallows. The park provided participants with transportation to the park, equipment, food, and instruction-all free of charge. 

"I never realized that much adventure and knowledge was so close and accessible," said one CAMP participant.

During its inaugural year in 2009, more than 75 kids and parents participated in the program. In 2010, CAMP expanded to five weekends serving 120 people. This project was completed in partnership with King County Parks, Seattle Metro Parks, Tacoma Metro Parks and other organizations.

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