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Roosevelt Elk: Study and Protect

ElkOlympic National Park is home to the iconic Roosevelt Elk. A significant monitoring project using GPS radio collars was launched in 2009-2010 through Washington's National Park Fund. The elk were monitored throughout the Hoh, South Fork Hoh and Queets watersheds. Information gained from this continuing project is vital to the park's mission of protecting its native wildlife. In 2011, funding for the program was continued to allow information to be gathered from the collared elk in the “spring range”.

Again in 2012, the project was funded to further analyze the information gathered from the elk who were collared in previous years. WNPF was also able to help Olympic National Park receive new GPS collars from the company they were originally purchased from after some technological glitches were discovered. 

Through the continuation of projects like these, Olympic National Park will be better educated, and better prepared, to protect the elk within the park for the enjoyment of future generations, as well as the overall health of the park.

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Roosevelt ElkThis map highlights where the GPS devices on the collared elk have transmitted information, letting park researchers know where the elk are spending their time within the park.