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Junior Ranger Program

Junior Ranger

The goal of the Junior Ranger program at North Cascades National Park was to create a fun, educational activity that encourages children and their families to get outside and explore the park.

With the help of a 2008 Washington's National Park Fund grant, park staff produced four age-appropriate booklets to introduce the unique natural and cultural history of the North Cascades to visitors. Each booklet has a "totem animal" that helps guide kids and families through the activities and offers instruction, hints and ways to explore.

Download the activity booklets for the Pacific Treefrog (ages 3-5), Black Bear (5-8), Raven (8-11), and the Mountain Goat (12+).

"The support of Washington's National Park Fund allowed us to create a whole new Junior Ranger program to give people an incentive to visit the park and connect to their surroundings," said Chip Jenkins, Superintendent of North Cascades National Park.

The park printed and distributed 2,500 copies of each booklet during the 2009 season, and quickly went into a second printing. 

Visit the North Cascades National Park's Junior Ranger Program website.

All six visitor information centers in North Cascades National Park Complex providing booklets and information on the Junior Ranger Program.