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Elwha Dam: Traveling Exhibit

Elwha Dam

Elinor ChittendenRemoving the Elwha River Dam in Olympic National Park is the largest dam removal project in the world. Starting in 2011, the dam removal started restoring the watershed to its natural free-flowing state allowing all five species of Pacific salmon to once again reach habitat and spawning grounds.

To inform the public about the massive dam removal project, Washington's National Park Fund provided a grant of $55,000 in 2008, matched by $55,000 in federal funds through the NPS Centennial Challenge, to support a comprehensive Elwha education plan. The grant enabled Olympic National Park to produce a new Elwha River restoration brochure, provide on-site and classroom education programs and implement the Elwha traveling exhibit program (shown above).

Follow progress of the Elwha River Restoration project.


Elinor Chittenden in 1907 before the Elwha Dam was built.
This photo was provided by Olympic National Park.