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Cathy Terczak's family and friends

Though Cathy Terczak died in a tragic climbing accident in 2008, her Delaware family and employer honored her memory with a donation to Washington’s National Park Fund for the Marblemount Volunteer Shelter in North Cascades National Park.

CAthy TerczakCathy & Bob

Cathy, 50, and her husband Bob enjoyed their annual climbing treks through the park and hoped to retire in the area. With the help of North Cascades staff and Washington’s National Park Fund, Cathy’s family and employer found a fitting tribute in the shelter.

“We truly appreciate the coordinated efforts of the National Park Service and WNPF to create and complete such a worthwhile project,” said Barbara Binney, Cathy’s sister, who attended the shelter’s June 22, 2011, dedication with other family members. “For us, being at the dedication was a heart-warming and memorable occasion.”

The shelter provides a place to gather protected from the elements and is available for community gatherings, celebrations, meetings and classes.