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Starbucks Employees

Starbucks Trail Crew

Thanks to the leadership and passion of a few Starbucks Employees, this group of park lovers took it upon themselves to create a trail maintenance volunteer weekend up at Mount Rainier. Now in their sixth year, they're responsible for miles and miles of Mount Rainier's most beloved and well-traveled trails. 

Headed by Stacey Long Collins and Lesley Blyth, the group is made up of Starbucks employees from all departments, but with one important thing in common - their love for the national parks, and their desire to give back. 

This year, the group spent two days on a popular stretch of the Wonderland Trail. About twenty people were responsible for replacing gravel with specialized dirt (made to withstand the weather and frequent use), sinking 23 silt bars (to slow the erosion process; they look like stairs on the trail), installing a six-foot culvert, cutting back overgrowth on three feet of either side of the trail, clearing out the lateral drainage system (running parallel to the trail), and hauling eight large yellow cedar logs from the trail to the main road to be used for the Narada Falls guard rail. Altogether, this group contributed 245 volunteer hours. 

Starbucks has set a goal for their employees to log one million volunteer service hours by the year 2015. Additionally, Starbucks matches the hours these amazing volunteers work and gives a grant to Washington's National Park Fund on their behalf.

A big THANKS goes out to these dedicated volunteers AND to the wonderful women who continue to lead them year after year! 


Are YOU interested in organizing something similar to this project with your co-workers, friends, or family? Contact Jessie Bullis, Director of Development, today to plan a volunteer project perfect for your group.